QZUP Manriki Bottle


  • Japanese No.1 Co-Q10 suppliment for men.
  • Covid-19 care product.
  • Antioxidant for anti-aging
  • Sperm cell protection, production and motility for enhanced fertility
  • Reinforces immune and endocrine systems
  • Supports muscle development
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Japanese No.1Co-Q10 suppliment for Men. Take 3 capsules daily for fertility and strength

Step up men!
A couple’s fertility is a two-way street.
Although a common myth says that men are able to father children at any age, the fact is that sperm count and quality decrease over time. Timing is also a factor. Kanjun Manriki enhances sperm activity through a select blend of ubiquinol, polyamines extracted from rice germ, which promotes cell growth and anti-aging, and zinc extracted from yeast, which boosts immunity and aids in recovery from illness.
*Improvement of sperm index (after consuming Co-Q10)
Sixty patients with decreased sperm count were treated with 150 mg/day of reduced coenzyme Q10 for 6 months, and sperm count, total motility, percentage of sperm showing fast motility, and percentage of sperm showing slow motility were compared before and after treatment. (Thakur AS et al., J Clin Diagn Res 9:BC01-3, 2015)

  • Edible linseed oil
  • coenzyme Q10 (reduced form)
  • zinc yeast
  • polyamine-containing rice germ extract
  • vitamin E-containing vegetable oil
  • glycerin
  • beeswax
  • glycerin fatty acid ester


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