Stella Campo

About Stella Campo
Stella Kanpo is dedicated to serving the health and well-being of individuals, striving every day to support the soundness of both their minds and bodies. While online shopping allows for convenient purchases of desired products, it may leave a lingering sense of unease compared to the familiarity of face-to-face transactions. To address this, we employ a dedicated staff system that promptly responds to customer requests, provide regular after-sales support, and utilize unique tools such as a newsletter featuring staff members, all aimed at delivering a sense of reassurance. Our goal is not only to provide safe and reliable products but also to establish a warm atmosphere that goes beyond the formal buyer-seller relationship, supporting our customers' health. Like a family, we aspire to offer services that gently accompany our customers, striving to assist them in leading a healthy and fulfilling life. Stella Kanpo promises to continue evolving to better serve our valued customers.

"How many people can we make happy throughout their lives? How can we help more people?" As a high school student, I chose the path of becoming a pharmacist. After graduating from university, I worked wholeheartedly as a pharmacist. However, through interactions with various patients, I started pondering, "Is there more we can do before someone falls ill? I want to use gentle means to make both the mind and body healthy and energetic." Driven by such thoughts, I concluded my ten-year career as a pharmacist and founded Stella Kanpo. Based on the belief that we should create products that are not mere placebos but genuinely evoke satisfaction, we have been carefully crafting each item since our establishment. We may have a limited number of products, but each one is recommended with absolute confidence. It would bring me great joy if Stella Kanpo's products could contribute to your health and vibrant daily life. Furthermore, I would be grateful if our products could bring smiles not only to you but also to your loved ones.

"How many people can we make happy throughout their lives?" I feel that I am gradually approaching the dream I envisioned. By expanding our sales base through online shopping, we can now deliver our products to customers across Japan. We have received delightful feedback via phone calls and emails from customers all over the country. I am truly delighted to be able to build relationships with each and every one of you. Moving forward, we will cherish these connections and continue to nurture them.

Stella Kanpo Co., Ltd. CEO: Yujin Sasaki