About QZup
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Premium Ubiquinol Blend Quality ingredients for optimal effect.

QZup products, which contain the highest amounts of ubiquinol Co-Q10 available in a supplement, were created by the combined efforts of Kaneka, the world's leading manufacturer of coenzyme Q10 ubiquinol, and Fine Japan Co., Ltd., a top supplement manufacturer in Japan, which also supports industry-academia collaboration and the development and analysis of new materials through state-of-the-art facilities and equipment at the Fine Bioscience Research Center at Osaka University.

Nutrition experts at Fine worked out the golden combination of pomegranate polyphenol, soy isoflavones and ubiquinol in Kanjun Seigetsu required to enhance fertility in women, as well as zinc, polyamines and ubiquinol in Kanjun Manriki that support men's fertility.

Fine's in-house process—from product development to manufacturing and sales—results in premium products that are currently being used in hospitals, nursing homes and healthcare facilities for the aged throughout Japan.

QZup ubiquinol supplements from Japan are now available in Singapore through exclusive distribution partnership opportunities.