Micro Need

About Micro Need
"How many people can I make happy in my lifetime? How can I help more people? As a high school student at the time, I chose the path of becoming a pharmacist. After graduating from university, I worked as a pharmacist with all my heart. However, as I interacted with various patients, I began to feel that there might be more I could do for them before they became sick. I wanted to promote health and well-being through things that are gentle on the body and mind. Driven by this desire, I ended my ten-year career as a pharmacist and founded Stella Kampo. With the belief that we must create something that is not just a placebo, but something that people can truly feel and be happy about, we have put our hearts into every single product since our founding. We create products that are good for the body and provide what it needs. Although we have a small number of products, we can recommend each one with absolute confidence. We would be delighted if Stella Kampo's products could contribute to your health and active lifestyle, as well as to the smiles of your loved ones. "How many people can I make happy in my lifetime?" I feel that I am getting closer to the dream I envisioned, step by step. By expanding our sales through online shopping, we are now able to deliver our products to people throughout Japan. We receive happy voices by phone and email from customers all over the country, and we are very happy to have the opportunity to engage with each and every one of them. We will continue to cherish this relationship in the future.(Yuju Sasaki, Representative Director of Stella Kampo Co., Ltd.)